5D Software Update 9.3


Cutwork needle support has been added in 5D Stitch Editor and Design Creator. You can now convert existing or create new designs with cutwork needle lines. Add your own unique touch to a home décor project or fashion item.

In the updated version of Design Creator, Cutwork Needle Lines are available as an option for Running Stitch. This enables you to automatically remove fabric for cutwork and reverse appliqué or simply to cut out a shape or design.

Become your own cutwork artist!


Now we offer a new kind of font: Superfonts! 3 new Superfonts are included and 3 FREE available for download through the 5D Purchase Center. These new type of fonts are available with a range of specialty fills, continuous satin and other stitch types. Personalizing becomes even more creative!

If you own 5D Extra or Pro, you can have even more fun customizing the stitches by changing the fill types in the various SuperFonts. SuperFonts may be used in the Express Monogram Wizard and Family Tree.

Included for even more fun is a MiniDesign set (child style 1) and tow new frame sets (Banners 1 and 2). Additionally you can purchase new MiniDeisgn set. This combination of fonts, minidesigns and frames will open up a world of creativity as you personalize your projects.


A true three dimensional effect is now available for your designs using the new MultiWave Fill in 5D Design Creator. Simply create one or more wave lines in a MultiWave fill area by drawing or placing points. The Stitches automatically create a wave! Use an unlimited number of wave lines in one design! Vary the wave density to enhance the multi-dimensional effect. Choose from hundreds of motifs. Change any fill or specialty fill to the new MultiWave fill. (available in Pro only).

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